I want to know what is the best way to add a field in the list and change his display name. My case adds 20 fields in the list... but the code will get big...

This is my code(working)

$SPWebHolidays = Get-SPWeb -Identity $holidaysSite  
$pathToHolidaysWeb = $SPWebHolidays.url.trim() 

$SPTemplateHolidays = $SPWebHolidays.ListTemplates["Custom List"]  
$SPListsHolidays = $SPWebHolidays.Lists  
$SPListsHolidays.Add("Holidays", "Holidays", $SPTemplateHolidays)  
$SPListHolidays = $SPWebHolidays.GetList("$pathToHolidaysWeb/Lists/Holidays")  

$SPListHolidays.Fields.Add("Area", $spFieldTypeText, $false)  
$SPListHolidays.OnQuickLaunch = $true

$field = $SPListHolidays.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName("Area")
$field.Title = "чинаДиаанд"

When i use :

$firstColXml = "<Field Type='Text' DisplayName='чинаДиаанд' StaticName='Area' Name='Area' />"
$SPListHolidays.Fields.AddFieldAsXml($firstColXml, $true,

my Internal Name of field is : enter image description here


You also have the option to add the fields as XML using the AddFieldAsXml method. When you use this, you can specify the XML string to create the field definition and it will eliminate the need to update the display name as you can specify the display name itself in the XML.

Check the below code:

$SPListHolidays = $SPWebHolidays.GetList("$pathToHolidaysWeb/Lists/Holidays") 

$firstColXml = "<Field Type='Text' Name='Area' StaticName='Area' DisplayName='чинаДиаанд'></Field>"

$secondColXml = "<Field Type='Text' Name='OtherColumn' StaticName='OtherColumn' DisplayName='Other Column'></Field>"



$SPListHolidays.OnQuickLaunch = $true

Reference - SPFieldCollection.AddFieldAsXml method

XML that you can build - Field Element (Field)

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Try to add the 20 fields in CSV file then loop for each field via foreach as the following

Import-Csv F:\fields.csv | ForEach-Object { 
    $Field= $_.Field
    $FieldDisplayName =  $_.FieldDisplayName
  // write your code


The CVS file format should look like


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