sorry I'm new to SharePoint, not really familar with environment yet.

I read this article from microsoft support on how to create a flow in SPO. However, the problem is that my interface is totally differnt from what they had and I can't find the "flow" function to start with. My workflow is totally different from the article. The workflow I had is the build-in workflow provided by SPO.

Hope somebody could help me how to navigate or tell me what did I missed.

This is what they showed.List Function

This is what I had.enter image description here


SharePoint online sites within office 365 have got two versions I would say:

  1. Classic experience
  2. Modern experience (Latest)

The one you are seeing in the blog is from Modern experience. Classic lists/libraries do not have option of flows internally. You need to change it to modern experience. Process for switching to modern experience is:

-> Click on the gear on top right.

-> Select site contents.

-> Go to the settings of your list/library.

-> From the settings option select Advanced settings.

-> Scroll down, till you see "List experience", now select "New Experience" and click OK.

Now you will be able to see the flow option within your list/library.


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