Whenever I add any content in wiki page, one br tag gets appends to the end of the content before closing tag,

For e.g.

If I had header text and click on edit HTML source, it looks like

<h1>Hello World<br/></h1>

Is it a bug in SharePoint?

enter image description here


No, it's not a SharePoint bug. I faced the same behavior when I enabled a google extension like Grammarly, it considers the cursor place as a line break <br> tag.

For Example,

When you add <h1>Hello World</h1> in Source HTML

  • If you leave the cursor at the end of the word world then clicked OK, in the next Edit HTML source, you will note that a line break <br> tag has been added inside the <H1> tag. as <h1>Hello World</br></h1>

  • Now try to add the cursor outside <h1> tag, then click OK, and go back to edit the source again, you will note that a line break <br> tag has been added after the <h1>Hello World</h1></br>

So try to disable any add-ons/extension during editing the HTML Source and you will not face this issue!


Add your code as a single line or remove any indentation. The content editor will format these elements after saving them and will not create additional tags or characters.

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