I had a user try to create a Local Term Set for a site collection, then pin term with children from our actual term store and I need to delete the Local Term Set for the site collection.

When I go to delete I get a message which sounds like it will delete the term from the actual term store and not just the local site collection

enter image description here

It is the 'Client' Term set that needs deleting from the site collection group, my question is, if I delete 'Client' will it delete the top highlighted 'Communities and local government' term set from our actual term store. I have searched for the answer but I cannot find anything that would help.

enter image description here

Hope this makes sense, any questions just ask.


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    It won't delete the term from the source as we are reusing the existing terms . it'll only delete the term in the site collection level.
    – Esaki
    Commented Oct 26, 2017 at 11:42

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The message is quite misleading. But that is not the case - Delete will only delete what is under the Term Set.

This action deletes the term and its child terms. If this term is a source term that other locations reuse, it is put in the Orphaned Terms term set in the System group.


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