I have administrative permissions on sharepoint. I have a sharepoint list showing employees requesting for Christmas benefits. There are two views: All items and Control. Control is available only for a specific group and has three additional columns filled in by reviewers.

enter image description here

All requests will be reviewed to check if they were submitted correctly. I've created the workflow to send email to the person who created request when a field in column "Meets formal requirements" is changed by reviewer to "No" .

enter image description here

I've tested the workflow on the items created by me, and when I changed the value of the field to "No", I received an email. However, when I change the value of the field to "No" for the items which weren't created by me (a sharepoint member), workflow is triggered but gets stuck with error "item doesn't exist". enter image description here

The item does exist and I have access to it. Why workflow doesn't see it?

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