I've already created another thread regarding this , but i want to make it more tidy and give more information.

I have two columns "StartDate" and "EndDate" . When i add the values and click save using this commands i get the correct dates as inserted :

DateTime startDate = Convert.ToDateTime(properties.ItemEventProperties.AfterProperties["StartDate"]);
                DateTime endDate = Convert.ToDateTime(properties.ItemEventProperties.AfterProperties["EndDate"]);

When i later on try to get the item using caml query with this code , i get the date 1 day before :

List leaveRequest = clientContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("LeaveRequest");

                CamlQuery getApprovedLeaves = new CamlQuery();

                string statusApproved = "Approved";

                getApprovedLeaves.ViewXml =

                                        <FieldRef Name='Status'/>
                                        <Value Type = 'Choice'>" + statusApproved + @"</Value>


                ListItemCollection approvedLeaves = leaveRequest.GetItems(getApprovedLeaves);


This is strange issue. Please note that i 've changed the regional settings but my dev is stored on Azure , so i remotely connect to the VM and debug from there with Visual Studio.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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I have managed to do it by converting the start and end date to localtime.

DateTime startDateUTC = Convert.ToDateTime(approvedLeaveItem["StartDate"]);

DateTime endDateUTC = Convert.ToDateTime(approvedLeaveItem["EndDate"]);

DateTime startDateLocal = Convert.ToDateTime(Convert.ToString(startDateUTC.ToLocalTime()));

DateTime endDateLocal = Convert.ToDateTime(Convert.ToString(endDateUTC.ToLocalTime()));

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