I am trying to share a Site Collection to external user outside of the organisation.

The feature is enabled at tenant level as well as site level:

Tenant Level Config:

enter image description here

Site Level Config:

enter image description here

However I still can't add the users in "People and Groups" and or Invite users to the Document Library.

Anything I've missed?? All help appreciated.


Please make sure the users who added to invite people dialog have a Microsoft account or a work or school account from another Office 365 subscription. And checked “require sign-in”.

Make sure the users sign in with the Microsoft account though the link in the invitation email.

More information refer to the article below:

Turn external sharing on or off for SharePoint Online

Manage external sharing for your SharePoint Online environment


I had created a Mail Contact within our Exchange Admin Center for the external user I was testing with - this was somehow conflicting when trying to share with the user.

I tested this with a different external user - which worked. I then removed the initial users "Mail Contact" -> re tried and this worked.

So something to note - having a mail contact for an external user can conflict when trying to share a site and or document library...

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