I have a Pages library in which there are two Site Content types: Normal Pages & Seminar Pages.

Both content types contains similar fields except some. Now I have one Site Column which is inside both of the content type, that field is Page Title (custom one).

I have more than 300 items in my current Pages library. When I try to update the some of the item fields from the Quick Edit view, it is not updating this Page Title field value.

Also it is not giving any unexpected error. I have checked the ULS logs it has duplicate entry of this Page Title field.

Below is my ULS log:

Duplicate field [Page Title] with different values: old=[New Updated Page Title], new=[My Page Title], pageContent...

ULS containts the xml structure of the pageContent with all the fields and I see duplicate entry of the same field as below:

<mso:Page_x0020_Title msdt:dt="string">New Updated Page Title</mso:Page_x0020_Title>
<mso:Page_x0020_Title msdt:dt="string">My Page Title</mso:Page_x0020_Title>

I think, due to this double entry it is always updating the last field value as a updated value.

But I am not sure why this is happening for some of fields only.

Anyone encountered such error before? Any help would be much appreciated.

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I suggest to find the relevant custom page title property using Powershell and update the value using Powershell as an alternative.


$spWeb = Get-SPWeb("http://myweburl")
$spFile = $spWeb.GetFile("http://myweburl/Pages/mypage.aspx")

this will display all the properties available for this page.Usually the default page title property name is "vti_title". I assume custom page title property would have a different name.

Then use Powershell to update the property value.


$spWeb = Get-SPWeb("http://myweburl")
$spFile = $spWeb.GetFile("http://myweburl/Pages/mypage.aspx")
$spFile.CheckOut("checkout using powershell",$null)
$spFile.Properties["customepagetitle"]="New Title"
$spFile.CheckIn("Updated page title via PowerShell",[Microsoft.SharePoint.SPCheckinType]::MajorCheckIn)
$spFile.Approve("Approved using poershell");
  • Thanks for this alternative solution but I wanted this issue to be solved without any alternative solution.
    – Pradip R.
    Commented Oct 24, 2017 at 8:03

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