I got a weird issue. I did not see this issue during development on single server farm. But I got it on multi server farm. Let me give a brief about my server farm.

  • 1 Application with Search server (Workflow manager installed on this server), 1 WFE with Distributed Cache server and 1 Database server
  • SharePoint 2016 with Feature Pack 2
  • Workflow Manager 1.0 with CU3, Workflow Manager Client 1.0 with CU3 and Service Bus 1.1

I did continuously 5 tests and out of 5 only for 2 tests the workflow internal status became "Completed" and for remaining, stuck at "Started" even though workflow executes all steps successfully. I have 38 workflows and it is happening for all. I tried to trace the issue using event viewer and in ULS logs but no luck.

Please note, all my workflows are SharePoint Hosted Add-in workflows (Integrated apps, deployed on Host-Web).

Please help.

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