I'have this query string ContentTypeId:0x01010062A988F9081BD142926BC79A5AA59288* {?{QueryString.Document}} and i would like to add another QueryString to it but im not sure how to add it correctly.

I've tried ContentTypeId:0x01010062A988F9081BD142926BC79A5AA59288* {?{QueryString.Document}} or {?Title:{QueryString.Search}}

ContentTypeId:0x01010062A988F9081BD142926BC79A5AA59288* {?{QueryString.Document}} {?Title:{QueryString.Search}}

I have a document called Test.docx.

If my query looks like this ?Document=Guidelines&Search=Test It works.

If my query looks like this ?Document=Guidelines&Search=Te It doesn't work.

But it's not working. Can someone help me out?

As far as I know then {?Title:{QueryString.Search}} means that if the title contains search parameter.

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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You should be able to add multiple additional query parameters. OR not "or" should be used. AND (or a space as AND is assumed in KQL) may also be used as well as "()" to enclose logical groups.


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