We have an Intranet SharePoint 2013 farm with 4 servers (2x WFE, 2x APP). Within our Intranet we have a 'Video Center' (~37GB) which at this point unfortunately is a sub-site. We want to turn it into a Site Collection via Export-/Import-SPweb.

When trying to export the site we get the following message after ~9GB / 114 cmp files (the disk has about 60GB of free space):

Export-SPWeb : Failed to create package file.

I used the following command for it:

Export-SPWeb -Identity "http://intranet.doamin.com/video" -Path "C:\Temp\VideoCenter_Backup.cmp"

Can anyone advise if I am missing an option in my command or what could be the reason for the error? Also maybe there is a better way to export/import a sub-site into a site collection?


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Check the size of your export package. There is a default cab size of about 25Mb - this used to be a limit you had to increase with stsadm by setting a parameter. With the PowerShell Export-SPWeb cmdlet it generates multiple files if you hit the limit. You may need to change this limit using the CompressionSize parameter to set the cab size (up to a maximum of 1024Mb).

Export-SPWeb http://mysite -Path c:\backup\ExportFile -CompressionSize 1000

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    Tried it with several values over the weekend and what worked for me in the end (for the export) was selecting a smaller value (e.g. -CompressionSize 50). Selecting anything much higher resulted in this message being displayed and the command failing: "Export-SPWeb : Export ran out of memory while compressing a very large file. To successfully export, turn compression off by specifying the -nofilecompression parameter." But in the end I was able to achieve my goal using "Export-SPWeb mysite -Path c:\backup\ExportFile -CompressionSize 50" Thanks!
    – AM2FTW
    Oct 23, 2017 at 9:50
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    For a large list (in my case 75GB) running the Export-SPWeb with -NoFileCompression parameter was the most resource and time efficient. Additionally make sure to check the disk space of the source SharePoint server and destination and SQL server, the export/import fails if the backup is larger than the available disk space. May 30, 2022 at 10:27

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