I have custom page with MultiLine TextBox control. I linked this field with tinymce scripts for adding pictures. Then I should store field's content into Note field with RichEditMode in SP13 list.

I user code below :

SPList answers = SPContext.Current.Web.GetListByUrl(BuiltInList.Answers);    
answer[BuiltInFields.Answers.Description] = tbxAnswer.Text;

At the second row I have

<img src=\"../../Documents/fire.PNG\" alt=\"5555\" width=\"35\" height=\"36\" />

But after update at the third row:

<img alt=\"5555\" width=\"35\" height=\"36\" />

Consequently, I have not image view, only empty tag.

How to save img tag with src data?

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It was need to set TinyMCE attributes with values:

    relative_urls: false,
    remove_script_host: false,
    convert_urls: true,

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