I've one result source that having 5 different different content source. For example:People,Doctor,Citrix,ServiceNow,State. Now on the page I'm using this result source to bind my web part. Here I want to display first people results then servicenow,citrix,docor and then state content source results.

requesting anyone help me find out which ranking model should i use?


You can create a query rule to change the order in which search results are displayed.

  1. Create a query rule on the result source.
  2. As you do not need the query rule to be triggered by a specific condition, click Remove Condition to remove conditions for this rule.
  3. Click on Change ranked results by changing the query and open the Sorting tab in the Build Your Query dialog.
  4. Select Rank in the Sort by drop down and add dynamic ordering rule in Dynamic ordering section. Enter your condition and set the order as you want.

A demo about how to change the order in which search results are displayed in SharePoint Server 2013.

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