I am using an solution from Learning Sharepoint this is not working. Found some help here disqus.com since the first link got some errors to the code.

   (function () {

var itemCtx = {};
 itemCtx.Templates = {};

itemCtx.Templates.Header = “<div><b>Announcements</b></div><table>”;
itemCtx.Templates.Item = ItemOverrideFun;
 itemCtx.Templates.Footer = “</table>”;

itemCtx.BaseViewID = 1;
 itemCtx.ListTemplateType = 104;



function ItemOverrideFun(ctx) {

var _announcementTitle = ctx.CurrentItem.Title;

var _announcementDesc = ctx.CurrentItem.Body;

var _announcementID = ctx.CurrentItem.ID;

return “<tr><td><p><b>” + _announcementTitle + “</b></p>” + 

_announcementDesc +”<a href=’/Lists/Company%20Announcements/DispForm.aspx?ID=’+ _announcementID +’> Read More…</a></td></tr>”;

Best help is from this page and the post here add-read-more-link-in-announcement

The one thing missing is the from the 1st link. Add Description text below Title and before Read me...

What i am seeking help for is 1, Description 2, Make the Title clickable.


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