My All mighty Tenant admin, Primary Site Admin, Other Site Admin, Only site admin, Site collection admin, you name it admin cannot upload a wsp to solution gallery at one of my sharepoint site. When I try to upload a file I can select my wsp but then I get "You dont have permission to 'this' site"

I can upload this to other sites

In the wsp there is a workflow, exported from SPD

  • Did you find a solution to this issue? I cannot upload a WSP either. Nothing Special about the WSP. It came from a SP2013 On-Premise server. – scooter133 Jan 26 '18 at 18:05

Should not make a difference whether it has SPD workflow or not. The question is can you save a site as a template (assuming non-publishing). If you cannot, then there is a possibility the site collection is corrupted and you would have to raise a support ticket with Microsoft or discard if not too late.


I did the Powershell method and it worked for me...


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