In our project we have a mobile app which is connected to a Web API, now our requirement is that the Web API should call SharePoint to update a managed meta data column of an document library item. I initially thought of doing this via SharePoint REST endpoints but it seems it is not possible or difficult, I am thinking of using CSOM to update the managed metadata column for the library item. I am using SharePoint Online.

So the following are my questions

  1. How to get the SharePoint context in Web API and then do the managed meta column update, I saw few links like link1 link2 Is this the right approach for authenticating and getting the SharePoint context in Web API

  2. Even if I get the context, is managed meta column data update doable?

  3. Is there any other way we can achieve my purpose.

Thanks for reading such a long question. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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    Do you need to use the security context of the current user, or would a service account work? Also, what's your platform? – Derek Gusoff Oct 13 '17 at 12:57
  • Thanks for the comment. I would need the security context of the current user so that in the 'modified by' column i would get the same user. Platform means it is an iPhone app contacting the Web API which in turn needs to do the update in SharePoint online site. – anantharengan Oct 13 '17 at 13:22

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