I just wondering if we can use existing Office Online Server in Office365 for SP2013 on premise. If yes, how this can be achieve?

In SP2013 we normally run Get-SPWOPIBinding to find out the server binding and to connect to Office web App we normally run New-SPWOPIBinding -ServerName. Is this the same command if I want to connect to the existing new Office Online Server in Office365?


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Interesting question. There is no official documentation about that. I suppose it's not here to be connected to SharePoint OnPremises.

I did some research:

Pressed F12 in SharePoint Online to get the URL of OfficeOnline-Server in O365. Then tried to communicate directly via Browser with "/hosting/discovery": Got a useful response OOS-Response

Connected this OOS to my SP2013 OnPremises Environment New-SPWopiBinding

Finally i tried to use OOS in my DocumentLibrary. It doesn't work because OOS in O365 cannot download the document from my OnPremises library. Screen stays grey. enter image description here

I am not able to test the result if SharePoint OnPrem is available via Internet. Might work. But i am very sure it's not intended by MS to be consumed via OnPremises. So it could break at any time.

Installing a local OOS-Server is neither time nor resource intensive. You should consider that!


This is not possible as you cannot make a trusted connection to the Office 365 version of Office Online Server. Instead you need to deploy Office Online Server on-prem. But remember that you must maintain Office 2016 User CALs for each user consuming OOS (these can either be VL or O365 subscription versions).

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