I did little bit investigation but can;t find any answer. I need to create a modern team sites template. But for that template which functions can I use?


The “Save site as template” option in the site settings page is removed from the SharePoint Online. To save the site as a template, we can directly access to https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/yoursite/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx.

But by default, we cannot save the modern team site as a site template. The “the ‘Save site as template’ action is not supported on this site” error will display when access to _layouts/savetmpl.aspx. It occurs because SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled property value of the modern team site is false. We need to set SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled to true to enable this action.

We can change SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled using SharePoint Designer or PowerShell.

Here are the steps to change the site properties using SharePoint Designer:

  1. Open the site using SharePoint Designer.
  2. Click Site Options on the ribbon. enter image description here
  3. Find the SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled property and change its value to true.
  4. Save the changes and then you can visit _layouts/savetmpl.aspx to save this site as a site template.
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  • Careful i dont think this is supported by microsoft... – Jeff Jan 28 '18 at 13:59

Within SharePoint Online, they have recently introduced the site template concept called Modern Site Designs. With Modern Site Designs, you essentially have the ability to use them in two ways:

  1. When creating New Sites
  2. Applying a template to Existing Sites

Both of these ways are great resources for enforcing governance across your sites and for reducing the amount of time needed for the initial setup.

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