I've got a list view that I want to filter as follows:

(Column1(yes/no) = Yes) OR ((Column2(choice)=New) AND (Column3(choice)=A OR B OR C))

Obviously I'm unable use the OOTB Filter options at this point. I've been trying to use the Query Filter referenced here, but I've been unable to figure out how set the operators.

Any advice is appreciated. I do not have access at the server level, but have SPD2010 as a resource and can implement html/js code on the list level.

Thanks in advance.


This might work - reorder your filters

Column3 = A
Column3 = B
Column3 = C
Column2 = New
Column1 = Yes

It would figure out if Column3 is set correctly and then test for the New, so those 4 entries would test correctly for the second half of your filter. Then your Column1 would override all that

  • Thanks so much. That worked like a charm. Appreciate your time! – Todd Field Oct 10 '17 at 21:35
  • Welcome. You just have to remember in filters, since you don't have (), the first 2 are evaluated, then the third is tested against that result, then the fourth is tested against that new result, and so on...... it's going to depend on your AND/OR pattern. Sometimes you have to use calculated fields to simplify your test. – Robin in Or Oct 10 '17 at 22:18

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