When I run the following commands to create a sharepoint framework solution, change directory to the new solution and then add a second web part to the solution...

yo @microsoft/sharepoint --solutionName "intranet" --framework "react" --componentType "webpart" --componentName "myteam" --componentDescription "My Team Members" --environment "onprem" skipFeatureDeployment true cd intranet yo @microsoft/sharepoint --componentType "webpart" --componentName "test1" --framework "react" --componentDescription "test1234" --skip-install

...the result is an error "cannot read property 'foreach' of undefined":

cannot read property foreach of undefined

My Yeoman package version is 1.3.2: { "@microsoft/generator-sharepoint": { "version": "1.3.2", ...

I get the same result regardless of generating a react or knockout project. Any ideas?

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