I am having an issue with the sharepoint 2010 Reusable workflow attached to a content type. Lets say content type as "test". In that there are fields I am populating in email body. When the workflow runs all fields populate except for 2 or 3 which are choice,multiline with history enabled and single line. How do I troubleshoot this error?.....

Outlook Email Body with missing fields which are entered in SharePoint list

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The root cause of this issue is

  • Enabling the Append Changes for the Multiline column.

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The Multiline column with Append Changes will save each new change as a version (where versioning is a mandatory prerequisite to enable Append Changes). at the same time, the Multiline column value of the current version is blank! so it shows blank in your email!

To overcome this issue,

  • Try to Disable Append Changes and in this case, you can use multiline in an email and create a workflow that tracks the field history.

Thanks for the answer. The append is already off on the column. I figured out the issue by using SharePoint manager and found that the internal name is more than 32 characters limit. Hence it is not working in workflow. I am currently working on getting another calculated column which points to this lengthy column to display in workflow.

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