• I have full control of my SharePoint 2016 Online collection site.
  • I have an Employee list with content types enabled.
  • Each one of my 10 content types has its own set of columns.
  • I have a default content type for a new form, while the others are not allowed on a new form.
  • The default display, new and edit forms haven't been tampered with.

I used SharePoint Designer to create workflows that send emails to x department to take care of x new employee's needs.

Problem 1 (directing the user to any content type regardless of my "Set this field: Content-Type ID To this value: TheRightContentType") was taken care with a URL containing the id of the right content type. Not the best solution, but...

Problem 2 (Only showing 2 content types in my dropdown list on my Edit form). Well, I'm still stuck there.

I need to direct the user to the right content type (done), but still give the choice to choose any of the 10 content types.

Does anybody know how to achieve this?

Thanks in Advance.

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