How to get plain text from "Append Changes to Existing Text” using workflow in mail content


Append Changes to Existing Text will always give latest entry in workflow.

There is a work around to have all the entries in the workflow.

For this you need to create another multi line column which will store the entries of all the versions of actual multi line column. Only thing is that, this column should be hidden on New/Edit Forms so that users can not modify its value from UI.

Following are the steps:

  1. Create a column, say HiddenHistoryColumn in the list of type multi line of text.
  2. Create a list workflow on that list on item create and update.
  3. Create three local workflow variables of string type as e.g. PreEntries, LatestEntry, CombinedEntries
  4. Following is the workflow steps. (you may change these as per your need)

    If CurrentItem:Column1 is not empty
        set Variable:PreEntries to CurrentItem:HiddenHistoryColumn
        then set Variable:LatestEntry to CurrentItem:Column1
        then set Variable:CombinedEntries to [%Current Item:Modified By%] ([%Current Item:Modified%]): [%Variable:LatestEntry%] <NewLine> [%Variable:PreEntries%]  //Format it as per your need in string builder dialog box
        then set HiddenHistoryColumn to Variable:CombinedEntries
        then Email User1 
  5. Use HiddenHistoryColumn in Email Body to get all version of "Append Changes to Existing"

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