Is there a way to create a generic 404 page for an entire tenant ? Such that when a user hits anything that doesn't exist under https://.sharepoint.com/ it will throw this error page. On-prem you could have HTTP listeners and in SharePoint online I know you can do it at the Page Library level. How is this achieved at the Site Collection and Tenant levels?

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Please check that you have "Pages" library on your SharePoint site web. If not:

  • Go to Site Settings -> Site Collection Administration -> Site
    collection features -> active SharePoint Server Publishing

  • Go to Site Settings -> Site Action -> Manage Site features -> activate SharePoint Server Publishing

In this library you should have "PageNotFoundError.aspx". If this page does not exist, create this page.

  • New document -> Error Page

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Please check 'vti_filenotfoundpage' parameter in 'Site Options'.

  • Open your site in SharePoint Designer 2013

  • Select the Site Object in the left tree-panel. Click 'Site Options' in the ribbon.

  • Check 'vti_filenotfoundpage' parameter. If it does not exist, add this parameter.

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