How can i display document library in my root site collection in subsites. One way i found here , its not working as aspected. When i select a view/source and create the webpart in top site gallery and added it on a subsite, it dosent display the fields from the view i selected. And just displays: Name, MOdified, MOdified by, and none of the other fields from the selected view... enter image description here

If i delete the webpart from my subsite, and add it again, i can se my fields from the view, but only when iam in "Edit page" mode. As soon as i save the page, or go out from the "Edit page" mode webpart displays as pic above. In Edit Mode enter image description here

What i want to acchieve is to display document library from my root site in all subsites. Is there any other good way to do that?

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You should use Content Query Webpart.

Add the webpart into the subsite and then use the webpart properties to configure the list you want to display.

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