In SharePoint Online, a managed metadata site column is added to a contenttype in a contenttype-hub and subscribed within a Record Center sitecollection. A document library is created using the contenttype and an Index column is also created for the metadata column. Due to some reason, I have deleted the index column and now the column is missing from the Primary column for this index dropdown.

I can create index columns with the available columns from the UI and from powershell.

I have tried the following without any luck:

  • Reindex the library and sitecollection
  • Recreated the library
  • Recreated the sitecollection
  • Following powershell script is working for available columns but not for the missing one:

    $field= $list.Fields.GetByTitle("Column Name"); $field.Indexed = $true; $field.Update(); $clientContext.Load($field); $clientContext.ExecuteQuery();

  • Receiving the following error on ExecuteQuery().

Exception calling "ExecuteQuery" with "0" argument(s): "Cannot complete this action. Please try again."

I need the column to be indexed to avoid List View Threshold issue. Please help!!!

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