How Can I uncheck a checkbox dynamically from the code?

I need to uncheck some checkboxes at the same time from the code when I press a button.

I'm using:

SharePoint Framework - Typescript - Office UI Fabric - React

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I'm assuming that you're using Office UI Fabric Checkbox and DefaultButton for this answer -- let me know if you aren't.

To solve this issue use the following steps:

  1. Make sure to add a state variable to your state definition. Example:

    export interface IExampleState {
      isChecked: boolean;
  2. Initialize your state in your constructor to a default value

    constructor(props: IExampleProps) {
        this.state = {
          isChecked: false
  3. Bind the checked attribute of your checkbox to your state. For example:

    label="Standard checkbox"
    onChange={ this._onControlledCheckboxChange }

  4. Create an onClick event handler for your button that will change the state.

    private _buttonClicked(): void {
      this.setState({ isChecked: true });
  5. Bind the _buttonClicked event handler in your constructor:

    constructor(props: IExampleProps) { super(props); this._buttonClicked = this._buttonClicked.bind(this); this.state = { isChecked: false };

  6. Attach the _buttonClicked event handler to your button's onClick event:


  7. This should be it. Note that I force the checkbox to true when the button is clicked, but you could toggle is as well:

    private _buttonClicked(): void {
      this.setState({ **isChecked: this.state.isChecked!});**

I hope this helps?!

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