I have a Home.aspx page with three web parts on the top, and now I want to add a new one above them, but everytime is being created in the last position. I've tried modifying zoneIndex property for all of them from 1 to 3, and after that adding the new one with zoneIndex set to 0, but it stills being at the end of the layout. So this is what I want, but I'm having this (sorry for the poor images).

Code to move one position the existing web parts:

Dim webPartManager As SPLimitedWebPartManager = sitioWeb.GetLimitedWebPartManager(sitioWeb.ServerRelativeUrl & "/SitePages/Home.aspx", PersonalizationScope.Shared)
Dim webPartList As IEnumerable = From webPart In webPartManager.WebParts Select webPart
Dim zoneIndex As Integer = 1
Dim wpCount As Integer = webPartManager.WebParts.Count

For Each eachWebPart In webPartList
      eachWebPart.Hidden = False
      eachWebPart.ZoneID = "wpz"
      eachWebPart.PartOrder = zoneIndex
      webPartManager.MoveWebPart(eachWebPart, eachWebPart.ZoneID, zoneIndex)
      zoneIndex = zoneIndex + 1

Code to add the new web part:

Dim webPartManager As SPLimitedWebPartManager = sitioWeb.GetLimitedWebPartManager(sitioWeb.ServerRelativeUrl & "/SitePages/Home.aspx", PersonalizationScope.Shared)
Dim newWebPart As ContentEditorWebPart = New ContentEditorWebPart()

newWebPart.Title = "WP_Header"
newWebPart.ZoneID = "wpz"
newWebPart.PartOrder = 0
newWebPart.ContentLink = Site.ServerRelativeUrl & "/SiteAssets/DocumOblig.txt"
newWebPart.ChromeState = PartChromeState.Normal
newWebPart.ChromeType = PartChromeType.None

webPartManager.AddWebPart(newWebPart, "wpz", 0)

There is also two things that are confusing me:

  1. On the new web part, if I set ZoneID as "wpz" it doesn't shows it, but if I name it with "Bottom" or "Top", it appears in the page.
  2. Always, when I go to the Edit mode on Home.aspx page, it just shows me the web parts which are already created, but not this new one.

Anyone knows why this could be happening?

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Well, I discovered the problem. When I'm adding a new web part, I set the ZoneIndex property to 0, but in code web part is being writed at the end of the web parts list, so they're being renderized on this way. I found a solution here. I just needed to make a copy of the existing web parts, removing from the aspx page, and finally adding them in the proper order, one by one. I hope someone find useful this way to solve it.

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