I have created a SPFx Extension (Application Customizer - Tenant Scoped) and I have uploaded it to the App Catalog succesfully.

Now I'm trying to add it in a Site creating a UserCustomAction, but I'm getting the next error:

'ClientSideComponentId and ClientSideComponentProperties are not supported for actions that are not used for client-side extensions.'

This is the code for the creation of the UserCustomAction:

// var colCustomActions = cc.Web.UserCustomActions; // << also tried in the web
var colCustomActions = cc.Site.UserCustomActions;
var newCustomAction = colCustomActions.Add();                
newCustomAction.ClientSideComponentId = new Guid(guidFromTheManifest);
newCustomAction.ClientSideComponentProperties = "";

Any hints? Do you have an example of the code for the creation of the UserCustomAction?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards.

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This line was missing, the location property:

newCustomAction.Location = "ClientSideExtension.ApplicationCustomizer";


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