I have SharePoint farm 2013 on-premises.and i configure the "Outgoing E-Mail Settings" as follow:-

enter image description here

Now currently the following operations will be sending emails correctly from the above address "sp-noreply:***.com":-

  • any user who define a user notification on a list or on an item, will receive and email accordingly.
  • if i am sending emails from workflow 2010 or workflow 2013.
  • emails inside event receivers.
  • follow a user will send an email to the user that someone start following him.

but for these 2 actions no emails are being sent:-

  1. If userA define to receive an email when someone mentioned him, as follow:-

enter image description here

then no email will be sent to userA, when let say UserB mention UserA in a newsfeed area.

  1. also for the invitation email, when you add a user to a security group, as follow:-

enter image description here

Then the user will ONLY receive email if the system account add him, or a user who have "Manage Permission" permission. But if a user with contribute permission add another user to the group no email will be sent.

now i am not sure what the above indicate about the source of the problem ? is it something inside sharepoint or it is something inside exchnage server or other components ? and what i can do to know the exact source of this problem ?

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I faced similar problem in the last few weeks. SharePoint 2013 are using currently logged on users account to send invitation e-mails and if the user who logged on SharePoint has no permissions to send e-mail using relay, e-mail will not be sent. So I guess your farm account has relay permission and able to send e-mail but users not.

Here is my question about same problem and here is another thread.

If you find any further details about problem, please inform me.

  • @newbiew thanks a lot for your reply and the links you provided.. now based on the links you provided, and for testing purposes i modify the users permissions inside sharepoint and i grant the Contributor users "Manage Permissions" , now contributor users will be sending emails when they invite some one to a security group, so seems the problem for sending invitation emails is fixed.. but of course i do not want to allow contributor users to have the "Manage Permissions" .. so now not sure who to fix this? is it something inside sharepoint or inside exchange ?
    – John John
    Oct 3, 2017 at 15:02
  • It's good to hear that. I couldn't find any document about this and still I can not send invitation e-mail even if I am a site collection administrator. If you solve this issue granting "Manage Permissions" to contributors and did not change anything at exchange side, it looks like something inside SharePoint. I really am not sure what the real problem is.
    – newbie
    Oct 3, 2017 at 15:18
  • now seems your problem and mine problem are different. because in my case site admins will always have an invitation emails being sent when they add users to a group... i think the problem in my case is that for users to be able to send invitation emails, then they need to have "Manage Permission" permission assigned to them through a sharepoint group .. now my problem is that i do not want users to have this high-level permission. so not sure if there is a setting within sharepoint or exchnage to allow non-admin users to send invitation emails without the need to grant them "Manage Permission
    – John John
    Oct 3, 2017 at 15:59

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