I want to count the People added to a People Picker field. In my Document library there should be a column "UserNumber" and in this column the Number of users of the People picker field for every Document in the Library should appear.

I have found this entry: Count number of users in people picker using Javascript

Thank you.

function GetUserCount() 
//Where "Multiple_Users_Field" may refer to name of the user field or the Title of Div can be retrieving from inspecting from browser
var PickerTitle = "Multiple_Users_Field"; 
var PickerDiv = jQuery('[id$="ClientPeoplePicker"][title="' + PickerTitle + '"]');
var PickerEditor = PickerDiv.find('[title="' + PickerTitle + '"]');
var PickerInstance = SPClientPeoplePicker.SPClientPeoplePickerDict[PickerDiv[0].id];
return  PickerInstance.TotalUserCount

alert( GetUserCount() );

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