I want to pull datas from list with queries. I want to use many queries with C# code. And there is QueryString in C#. I want to use it. So how can i do this.

  • are you trying to use it in App ? or Visual Web Part ? that is Client side Object model or Server Object Model – Esaki Sep 28 '17 at 6:16

If you have a Visual Web Part and placed it in a page called http://myspsite/pages/WebPart.aspx then form the url with passing the Query String Parameter like


then to get this value from web part page PageLoad function call

string myParam = Request.QueryString["MyParam"];

this will give you the passed value in the query string. then you can pass this values in CamlQuery filters dynamically to retrieve list items.

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Use Request.QueryString to get querystring.


Build your query with dynamic values.

Sample code:

Server side object model:

SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
                query.Query = @"<Where><And>
                                    <Eq><FieldRef Name='ProjectCode' /><Value Type='Text'>"+queryValue+@"</Value></Eq>
                                        <Eq><FieldRef Name='AssignedTo' LookupId='True' /><Value Type='Int'>" + user.ID + "</Value></Eq>" + @"
                                        <Or><IsNull><FieldRef Name='TriggerFromTimerJob' /></IsNull><Eq><FieldRef Name='TriggerFromTimerJob' /><Value Type='Choice'>NO</Value></Eq></Or>

Client Side CAML:

CamlQuery query = new CamlQuery();
            query.ViewXml = @"<View><Query>
                                    <Eq><FieldRef Name='users' /><Value Type='User'>" + queryValue + @"</Value></Eq>

SharePoint CAML schema


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