My understanding of how to use KQL to query against the automatically created managed properties which have the form of owstaxIdProperty, that is that to query for all items with a given term, the syntax is, based on this post by Mikael Svenson:


However, when I try to enter a similar query through the query to the results.aspx page by entering a url similar to (with the # encoded as %23):


I obtain no results and a message as in the image below, which suggests to me that the query is getting through

enter image description here

If I write the query just as Property:TermLabel, the query works and the expected results are returned but I think this could be inaccurate if you have duplicated term labels, as I do

This question is similar but I suspect that the poster is using SharePoint 2013, rather than 2010

Another possibility is that I should be using the WssId instead of the termGuid, as is suggested in an MSDN post on "Querying on Managed Metadata Field Values in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM)" (sorry, I can't post more than two links)

Has anyone had success with similar queries using SharePoint 2010?


I had similar requirement, used the following syntax in search result source {|owstaxIdTaxKeyword:learning} to filter results that are tagged with enterprise keyword "learning".

You can create a result source in search site and use the source id in the search query url like /Search/Pages/results.aspx?sourceid=guid

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