Is it possible to copy an entire project via the Project Server REST API? Something similar to what would happen if you opened a project (from the server) using Project Pro, and then did "Save As" and saved it with a new name (back to the server)?

Even more specifically, will it preserve links between a master schedule and sub-projects?

I have seen this behavior with the Project Pro desktop client:

Say you had a master schedule with two sub-projects. If you open all three projects simultaneously in Project Pro, then "Save As" to rename the sub-projects, you can see that the master schedule is automatically updated to link to the new copies of the sub-projects. If you then "Save As" to create a copy of the master schedule, the new copy gets saved with references to the new versions of the sub-projects, but if you then go back into the original master schedule, it is still referencing the original versions of the sub-projects.

So now you have essentially created a "snapshot" of the entire project, preserving the links between the master and sub-projects, and preserving any links between any tasks within those projects.

Can you do something like that via REST? I know from another question that you can't directly link a sub-project to a master schedule, but can you somehow "check out" multiple projects and then re-save them as copies with new names, and have the existing links be preserved (and updated to reflect linking to the new copy of the project) in the same way?

I have been trying to comb through the MSDN documentation on the Project Server REST API, but I have not seen anything like "copy" or some equivalent to "save as", all I have seen is that you can change the name of the project (without creating a copy).

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