I have created a SharePoint site which users need my approval to access. I have also created a document library within the site. I would like to restrict folders for some users.

For example, I created a document library called CARS. Within the CARS folder, I have created FORD, BMW & VW subfolders.

What I would like to do is for the MD to access the Cars folder and subfolders Inside. James who works for VW to only access the VW subfolder & Jane who works for Ford to only access the Ford subfolder.

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  1. Click on ... next to the folder.
  2. In the List Item menu, click on ... again.
  3. Click on Shared With.
  4. Click on Advanced
  5. Click on Stop Inheriting Permissions
  6. Edit the permissions as wanted.

Additional tip: Try to use a group instead of a user in the permissions. (E.g.: Put the permissions in Ford folder on the group "Ford Editors" instead of Jane) This will be easier to maintain in case you need to add/remove people to the folders permissions later.

Source: Change the permissions on a subfolder


Stop inheriting the permissions after stopping you can delete the user and groups and you can give permissions to users to specific folder or files however you want

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