Using custom form rendering with JSLink, I fetch some data in promises before I attempt to do: SPClientTemplates.TemplateManager.RegisterTemplateOverrides(context);

However because some of the promises takes about 100 ms before it resolves, the form renders by default before moving on with the Promise.then();

So basically the form has been rendered before SPClientTemplates.TemplateManager.RegisterTemplateOverrides(context); is being called.

What I want to do is to fetch data async before calling SPClientTemplates.TemplateManager.RegisterTemplateOverrides(context); without triggering the default rendering.

Have someone experienced similar issues?

  • After working more with this issue. I see that many who have encountered the same issue have registerred a simple template and then used jquery to override. – Frikk Fossan Sep 25 '17 at 6:35

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