I have issues recording a file upload request using JMeter Proxy. The file could be selected with the browse option and on pressing the SAVE or SUBMIT button the page refreshes and goes to the initial state.

I'm working on a load test project on a On-Premise SharePoint(v2013) Website with the following conditions,

  1. Form-based authentication - Login and session cookies are working correctly with JMeter.
  2. Need to pass few dynamic variables like __EVENTVALIDATION, __VIEWSTATE, __REQUESTDIGEST, __VIEWSTATEGENERATOR which needs to be extracted using a RegEx Extractor in JMeter from every request and needs to be passed to subsequent POST request as parameters.

As a workaround, I used BlazeMeter Chrome Extension to record the file upload requests and all the API calls could be recorded correctly. But has issues replaying it in JMeter. The file upload fails again even though all the requests pass.

  1. All the file upload POST requests passes with a success response code of 200 and gives the same HTML content as the response, while replaying it in JMeter, but the file never gets uploaded.

Please let me know if you need any more explanation regarding the requests.