My webpart is for SP16. I use code from this sample and when i click button in webpart, page is refreshed.

This is code for Create Item:

 private createItem(): void {
this.updateStatus('Creating item...');
  'Title': `Item ${new Date()}`
}).then((result: ItemAddResult): void => {
  const item: IListItem = result.data as IListItem;
  this.updateStatus(`Item '${item.Title}' (ID: ${item.Id}) successfully created`);
}, (error: any): void => {
  this.updateStatus('Error while creating the item: ' + error);



<button class="${styles.button} create-Button">
    <span class="${styles.label}">Create item</span>

Declare Event:

const webPart: SpFxOnPrenPnPjsWebPart = this;
this.domElement.querySelector('button.create-Button').addEventListener('click', () => { webPart.createItem(); });

I would like the page not to be reloaded when clicking a button? How do It?



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