I am trying to create a new Web Applicaiton using the same 443 port for https://. I have created a new DNS host and static IP address, created a new App Pool and web site with the new bindings; including a new SSL certificate for the new domain name, and have done everything I have read to get this to work. I am not into SharePoint engineering, so I am new at doing this type of set up.

I have tried using a Host Header as well and it still give me an error for using an IP or port that is already being used by SharePoint. I am trying to set up another clean Web App with the same configuration as one that is not working at the moment for DEV purposes. I need it done correctly though because this will eventually become Staging then PROD. I do not want to use any short cuts.

Any help would be much appreciated. I feel like I am really close, and my inexperience is forgetting a step or two.

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Since you're using two different SSL certificates with the same IP and port combination, this requires IIS 8 or higher (Server 2012 or higher). You can enable SNI. SNI will allow you to fill out the hostname field within the IIS binding for both sites.

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