Using CSR I am able to set value of date field, but for time field it's not working. following code works for date field without time:

ctx.CurrentFieldValue = "01/01/2015";
return SPFieldDateTime_Edit(ctx);

but for datetime field with "Date & Time" I do not know in which format I should pass the date time value:

I think there I am passing time value in a wrong format 01/01/2015 01 AM 05 - not working 01/01/2015 10PM 05 - not working

ctx.CurrentFieldValue = "01/01/2015 01 AM 05";
return SPFieldDateTime_Edit(ctx);

what is the correct format?

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If you had the 24h Time Format not 12h Time Format then correct string format will be: "01/01/2015 15:35"

The best way to now how format you must use, its check how SharePoint save those value. You can do this use the code:

var TestJSLinkRendering= TestJSLinkRendering || {};    
TestJSLinkRendering.CustomizeFieldRendering = function () {
        var ctx = {};
        ctx.Templates = {};
        ctx.Templates.Fields = {
            'Internal Name Date Time Field':{
                'EditForm': TestJSLinkRendering.TEST

    TestJSLinkRendering.TEST = function(ctx){
        var fieldType = ctx.CurrentFieldSchema.FieldType;
       var defaultTemplates = SPClientTemplates._defaultTemplates.Fields.default.all.all;
       return defaultTemplates[fieldType]["EditForm"](ctx);


And use the same format.

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