Given two projects that have been saved and published to Project Server 2016, how can you make one a sub-project of the other (the equivalent of the "Insert Subproject" ribbon button in the client) using the REST API?

I have been looking through the MSDN documentation, but there are very few examples of how to actually do stuff in Project Server via REST.

From what I can see, a sub-project is represented as a summary task in the master project, the task ID (GUID) is the same as the sub-project's project ID, and there is a property IsSubProject that will tell me if the summary task is just a regular summary task or an actual sub-project.

So given a master project, I can find all the sub-projects by grabbing all the tasks that IsSubProject: true and then retrieving the projects where the project's ID equals the task's ID.

That's all well and good, but given two unrelated projects, how do I create that linkage via REST?

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Well, as it turns out, linking sub-projects can only be accomplished through the MS Project desktop client:


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