I currently have a workflow that creates a document from a list. This works well. I am currently looking for a way to take an attachment from the list and somehow append it to the document. I understand that you can not attach things to a document library. That's why I want to create a look up column to the attachment.

E.g. I have ListA with ListitemA with attachment. Using a workflow, I created a document from ListitemA in DocumentLibraryA. In I want documentA to have a field that looks up the attachment from ListitemA. Perhaps a link.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone could point me to a solution.

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Solution 1 Create a hyperlink field in document library. When a document is created in the library, update the hyperlink column with the url that points to the list item display form that has the attachments. The url format could be http://site/lists/ListA/dispform.aspx?ID=ListItemA_ID. Or a direct url to the attachment is also possible using this format http://site/Lists/ListA/Attachments/ListItemA_ID/fileattachment.docx

Solution 2 Create a folder in a document library first, create the document in that folder and finally copy the list item attachments in that folder.

Solution 3 Use Document Sets content type in a document library. Each document set can have multiple documents. This might be complex using workflows.

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