How to take a backup and restore a sub-site inside a site collection of a SharePoint web application in SharePoint 2010 and 2013?

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You can take advantage of Granular backup/restore feature in SP 2010. Or you can also use Export/Import command line to take specific subsite backup.

stsadm -o export -url  http://servername:portno/subsitename -filename mysubSiteBackup -includeusersecurity


Or Else

Powershell, But you have to make sure both web application have same set of features / solutions etc.Follow the below powershell commands.

  • use export-spweb to export the subsite. export-spweb -identity "http://Subsite url" -path c:\export.cmp
  • Now create a blank subsite on target site collection. Use new-spweb powershell. New-SPWeb http://somesite/subweb1
  • Finally, you have to run the import-spweb to import the subsite. import-spweb -identity "http://Targetsubsite url" -path "c:\export.cmp"

You backup and restore sites using PowerShell (export-spweb or import-spweb). You can also perform the backup in Central Admin. please refer to the article.

how to prepare to back up and restore SharePoint

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