I have a site in SharePoint Online that I would like all users in my organization to follow. I have been trying to use CSOM, Powershell and Rest to achieve that with no success - I can only do that for the current user.
Ideally, I would like the process to run every night and set all new users and users who "un-followed" my site to follow it again. Is it possible?

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It's not possible as per this documentation:

Common programming tasks for following content in SharePoint

To quote:

Create an instance of a manager object in the context of a specified user

  • CSOM: not implemented
  • JSOM: not implemented
  • REST: not implemented
  • SSOM: SPSocialFollowingManager (overloaded)

You can only follow for the current user using client-side calls. Unfortunately only SSOM allows managing following for other users.

(With Groups and the Microsoft Graph you are also out of luck as the docs for addFavorite explicitly states it's for the current user only.)

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