I am try to open SharePoint online site using SharePoint designer 2013, getting error popup as follows,

Screen Shot

  • önce internet explorer' dan pwa sitesine login oluyoruz - sonra şifreyi kaydet diyoruz - sonra da designerı açtığımızda site şifre sormadan açılıyor. designer online pwa açılabilmesi için mutlaka internet explorer' da siteye giriş şifresinin kaydedilmesi gerekiyor. Designer ie ile mutlak ilişkili, ayrıca trust sites' a pwa adresinin root sitesinin de eklenmesi şart. By ROTABT System Support Engineer – Özgür Öztürk 2 days ago
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    Hello Özgür Öztürk, and welcome to SE, I would like to inform you that the used language in SE is English, so it would be great to use the English language to post an answer or question! Thanks! – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP 2 days ago

I faced the same issue. Got the solution. Go to login on IE, make sure you select the checkbox 'Keep me signed in' Now go to document library and click 'Edit Library' It should open the site in designer. If not, sign in the designer with the same account. Minimize the designer and try Edit library again from the

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Try to check whether your site enabled SharePoint Designer by: Site settings-> SharePoint Designer Settings(under Site Collection Administration)

Regards, Lee

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  • Hi, Thanks for your recommendation here the fact is that i am having only editor rights. – AravindHackett Nov 21 '17 at 5:44

I was experiencing the same issue. I've been testing various accounts so when I log out of one and return to my SharePoint site there is a list of accounts to choose from. I finally got back into SharePoint Designer 2013 after I removed the accounts from that list. You can do this by clicking to the right of the account - on the three dots - and choose 'Forget' from the menu. Do this for all of them, then close the browser. Try SP Designer again and see if you're able to get back in, it's been working for me on the three machines I'm using. Regards.

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This happens to me frustratingly frequently - I'm using SharePoint Designer 2013 to edit some custom forms ASPX on our SharePoint Online site - I am the Site Admin & Developer at the same time so I can ensure all the server side settings are absolutely fine.

So my problem is the fact Designer will randomly Crash on me if I do something illegal in the code, and then when coming back claims to have no 'authentication methods enabled' which is Complete Rubbish considering I was literally on it 60 seconds prior...

It takes a LOT of clearing off users, logging out, logging back in again and pretty much over 30 minutes worth of crap trying to get it to work again without ever Actually knowing what's causing this stupidity... It will then work... Until it crashes again and have to start this all over...

The only saving grace here is that I'm not actually 'losing any work' - mainly because I can't actually get much bloody work done without this ridiculous hassle - been going on for 3 days straight now and is starting to get on my nerves... Did an update make Designer flop like a wet paper towel or is it something that I'm doing wrong? - I've used SPD for quite a few years and never known it to do this before...

I hope someone manages to find a permanent fix for this - or that Microsoft actually hires people that know how to code properly... I would say I'd like to help them but unfortunately my coding is actually 'good' and I'd end up ruining Microsoft's Reputation by 'making stuff that actually works' - we wouldn't want that now would we...

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