I am trying to call the graph API for fetching user profile information.

The blog post I followed is:

Extending SharePoint with ADAL and the Microsoft Graph API

My AAD app config is like:

  1. URL: https://tenant.sharepoint.com
  2. Reply-url: https://tenant.sharepoint.com

Permissions: Graph API :: Read all users' full profiles

However, I am getting an error of invalid reply url. Not sure what reply url is it trying to send the response to.

  • can you share your entire error? with Error message and error code? – Aakash Maurya Sep 10 '17 at 17:23
  • Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in. We received a bad request. AADSTS50011: The reply address 'ajcontoso.sharepoint.com/sites/ajsite/SiteAssets/ADALTest.html' does not match the reply addresses configured for the application: 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'. More details: not specified – Ashish Sep 11 '17 at 3:50

I was able to get this working. So basically, all the steps mentioned in the blog were applied and they are correct. However, for me I had to set the reply URL to the page from which I was calling the code instead of the tenant url or site collection url.

My reply-url had to be set as:


and I started receiving the token which was then passed to the grpah API to fetch information.

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