In creating a list columns, there's a task outcome as column type:

  • What is the use of this column?
  • What is the difference between this column and a choice column?

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  • The object of using Task Outcome column type is to create additional choices for approvers when using task workflows.

A task workflow usually only provides outcomes of Approve or Reject, limiting how an item or document is handled. You may need to assign the task to someone else, or return it to the submitter for more information. With the Task Outcome column, you can offer a choice column field that lets you select different completion criteria options.

  • The difference between Task Outcome and Choice Columns type :

That the choice column type is used to let people choose from a list of options that you provide. This column type is an ideal choice in cases where you want to ensure that all the data in the column is consistent because you can limit the values that are stored in a column.


Task Outcome column will be used for approval workflow. It has Approve and Reject button(s).

In Choice column we will create two options Approve and Reject radio button or drop-down list.

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