I know how to backup and restore by SP powershell and by server object model.

by powershell

Backup-SPSite http://server_name/sites/site_name -Path C:\Backup\site_name.bak

by server object model

SPSiteCollection mySiteCols = myApp.Sites;
mySiteCols.Backup(@"http://Server/sites/MySiteCollection", @"\\OtherServer\WSSBackups\SiteCollections\BackupOfMySiteCollection", true);

Now I try to figure out if I can backup the whole site by SharePoint Rest Api or not ?


As short answer, No, there is no REST endpoint for backup and restore.

For more details Check REST API reference and samples

The workarounds are

  • To develop your own web service and host it on your SharePoint server and consume it at your application.
  • Use Server Side Object Model - C# (As you have mentioned)
  • Use PowerShell (As you have mentioned)
  • But, I've found this answer about restoring by label. Do you know what also can be restored by rest api ? – isxaker Sep 6 '17 at 8:26
  • This bro for restore document version, not site :) – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP Sep 6 '17 at 8:32

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