In SharePoint 2016 I have a list that uses the ID column in the list view.

For all the other columns I can filter by using the checkboxes for multiple choices, but with the ID column I can not. Does anyone have a workaround?

Please see the behavior of the ID column and another column.

ID Column doesn't show the check boxes

All other columns do show the check boxes for multiple filtering choice

Thanks, Effy L.

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The reason for this behavior is the number of items in the view. Reduce it to 500 and it should start working as you are expecting.


This post seems to answer your question well and has a workaround (as well as some other suggestions) that's easy to try by adding "?Filter=1" to the end of the list URL - "Show filter choices" link instead of actual values in a list column filter.

Hope this helps,


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