When creating an Office Group a SharePoint Online site is created as well. (A site which is not listed in SharePoint Online Central Administration.)

How can I get a list of all such Group sites from Microsoft Graph for the current user? (I explicitly do not want to use the SharePoint Search API as it currently does not return all SharePoint sites belonging to Groups.)

Basically I want to get a list of all SharePoint sites the current user has access to - including classic and modern sites, while NOT using the SharePoint Search API. How can this be done?

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Above Graph API will return all site collection based on current user.


I think the best option you have is merging the result of these two:

  1. Get all O365 groups for the user from /me/joinedGroups, filtering for unified type from the beta endpoint
  2. Use search to find all classic SharePoint sites for the user

As far as I remember - there has never been an option to get all sites (site collections) for a given user from the SharePoint API without using search. It would be cool to have a joinedSites method returning all SharePoint sites for the user in GraphAPI.

For admins, you have now a consolidated list of all SharePoint site collections (classic and modern) on the new SharePoint Admin Center that is available in Preview on tenants that have preview features enabled.

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